roof cleaning

There is certainly a lot of misconception involved with the topic of roof cleaning. Can you clean an asphalt shingle roof? Can you clean a roof without harming the shingles? What are the black streaks on my roof? What will happen if I don’t get the roof cleaned? These are just a few of the questions this article will answer. Knowing this information can save you costly future roof replacements and added heating and cooling costs.

In many regions across the country roof algae is a growing problem. The algae thrives in warm humid climates, usually first appearing on the north facing slopes of your roof where the right amount of shade and moisture are common. With the proper atmosphere the algae only needs one more element to survive and that’s food.

Roof algae feeds on the crushed limestone that is used in the manufacturing of asphalt shingles. When shingles were first produced manufacturers quickly realized they were to light and would not provide adequate protection, so they added crushed limestone to the asphalt to add weight and durability to the shingles.

Gloeocapsa Magma is an airborne algae so it can land on any roof with no rhyme or reason, though it does seem to be more prominent in areas holding a lot of trees. Once the roof algaee lands on the roof it will have to be killed and removed properly or it will continue to spread, it will never get better or just go away on its own. The algaee begins feeding on the nutrients in the shingles, as it rains it is spread down the roof causing black streaks. If not taken care of it will take over the entire roof in a few short years turning the whole roof black.

Besides looking very unsightly and diminishing any home’s curb appeal and value, what other damage can roof algaee do? When roof algaee are not taken care of they stop the shingles from reflecting heat from the sun’s UV rays. When this happens it can affect your home’s heating and cooling costs without you even realizing it. Also because the shingles cannot reflect heat they start to diminish prematurely. Signs of wear are curled corners, wavy or humped shingles, broke or loose shingles, and an excess of shingle granules appearing in your gutters just to name a few.

Most home owners become concerned when the first unsightly black streaks begin to appear long before permanent damage is done. It’s at this point that most home owners will call a roofing contractor and in my opinion it’s the point where home owners are steered in the wrong direction.

It has been my experience from talking with many troubled home owners that most and I express the word “most” roofing contractors are not going to tell the home owner that their roof only needs to be cleaned. Think about that for a moment, why would they? I have had many customers tell me that a roofing contractor told them that the black streaks were water marks or a sign of wear in either case a roof replacement was recommended.

Another scenario is that some roofing contractors have no idea themselves what roof algae is and that it can be cleaned. Some will also combat losing a potential roof replacement job by telling the home owner that you can’t clean shingles without damaging them, which is completely untrue. None the less many home owners are suckered into a costly, premature roof replacement of a roof that only needed cleaned. If you think about it, it is no different than replacing your vinyl siding because it has mold or mildew on it, no one would think of doing that.

The good news is that shingles can be cleaned properly without harming the shingles, and the major shingle manufacturers say so themselves. They even have suggestions and guidelines for cleaning roof algaee off of asphalt shingles without harming them. The proper methods include a low pressure chemical application followed by a light rinsing. NOTE: never use or allow a pressure washer to be used on your roof.

Inexperienced home owners and unethical contractors have damaged shingles by attempting to blast the algaee off the shingles using high water pressure. Doing this blows the shingle granules off which are there to protect the shingles, thus lessening the longevity of the roof.

In the past some have tried zinc strips on the peak of the roof which are suppose to release chemicals down the roof when it rains to help combat roof algaee. Most have reported poor results with the strips. Recently shingle manufacturers have produced algae resistant shingles but there have been plenty of cases of roof algae still invading such shingles. This is why they can only call them “algae resistant” and not algae proof.

If you are battling with roof algae or know of someone else whom is don’t lose hope and don’t replace that roof prematurely. First call a professional roof cleaning company in your area so they can access the situation for you. Be sure that they use the chemicals and the low pressure methods that are recommended by the major shingle manufacturers. A proper roof cleaning can definitely save you money.

How to Save Money on Interior Decoration

When it comes to saving money on interior decorating you need to make sure that you consider every new decorating project from two angles: cost and ideas. Cost is most likely what you are the most concerned about, but you also have to think about what you really want to do. Until you have an actual idea in mind you cannot begin to form any type of budget for your project.

This is due to the fact that every different project has a different cost associated to it, and if you attempt to figure out the costs first you could be preventing yourself from starting a project that is actually very tangible. Therefore, you should give yourself license to explore your options in full before you start to take a look at the many different costs that may be associated with your interior decorating idea.

For instance, there is a large difference between re-doing the plumbing in your bathroom so that you can change the colors of your appliances and simply repainting the bathroom to give it a bit of a facelift. The first facelift may be way out of your budget, but the second facelift is likely to be much more affordable.

Until you fully explore the ways that you can offer your bathroom a facelift you should not dismiss the idea simply because of the costs. A great way to start looking at your options is to jump online and take a look at what your actual options are.

There are a lot of great DIY home decorating websites that can offer you tips and ideas so that you can craft together an affordable way to complete your project. You should aim to come up with a final idea that is close to what you can afford, at which point it becomes you next job to find some great prices.

The good news is that online warehouses you should be able to find the accessories that you need like towels, soap dispensers, and more online at great prices. By simply heading over to the Bed Bath Store you will find some great options that can easily slide into any budget.

You can then browse through your many options so that you can choose the ones that fit into your idea for the bathroom renovations and the budget that you have in mind. Sometimes you may even some pieces that are even a better fit then what you thought they would. Therefore, it really pays to browse around a bit before you make your final decision.

Before starting any major project you will want to make sure that you look over all of the options that are in front of you. This will help you to create the best project plan possible, and amazingly enough likely allow you to perfectly fit into your budget plans as well. That way it can progress from an idea to a reality without any restraints placed around your renovations.

A Brief History of Gnomes

Gnomes are something that people have in their yards and gardens yet many people do not know anything about them. Some people think others purchase them because they look pretty while others think that they do have some sort of purpose yet they are not quite sure as to what that purpose is. This article is going to share some basic information with you so you can decide whether or not a gnome is going to be something that you need to invest in.


Gnomes are a piece of outside décor that have actually been in existence for some time even though over the years they have become more diverse. Furthermore, the first version of them came from Scandinavian heritage. The fable behind them was that if you had one of the human-like statues that they would protect your home or whoever resided inside of it. Other tales said that they were the caretakers over the garden to insure that the critters and creatures inside of it were not out to harm it. Then, there are those who state that they just have the purpose of being an accessory to the garden because they are colorful and make people feel jolly.

Different Types Available

Gnomes come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and styles. However, the first versions of them featured a man who wears a red hat that is pointed at the end and is dressed in brown pants and a green shirt. But, in this day in age gnomes can be found wearing a variety of things and some of them even are a mini replica of a real life person. Usually, they are all made out of glass or ceramic since they are usually purchased to be placed outside. But, there are those who purchase them to use a home décor as well.


These tiny human-like ornaments may have been around for centuries yet it was Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen who cause people to develop obsessions with them and start utilizing them to compliment the outside of their homes and their gardens. So, it is safe to say that they became popular in 1977 and they have been an instant hit since then all around the world.

Own or Adopt

When looking to purchase some yard gnomes you should be aware that it is best to adopt one. This is because according to the old tales gnomes cannot be owned due to the fact that they are free spirits who roam when they see fit to do so. So, this is just something that you may want to keep in mind.

Overall, gnomes are a great addition to add to your garden. However, if you have a prized gnome you will want to make sure that you keep an eye on it because it may disappear either from becoming restless or either by being captured by another garden gnome lover. So, you will have to watch them like you would your own child.

Using Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future

Being a part of the twenty-first century, we face a situation now where we need to look back to the lifestyle which the ancient people used to use. The modern lifestyle uses more of non-renewable energy resources to lead a luxurious and happy life. But we are witnessing shortcomings in the front of non renewable energy and thus need to use renewable sources for Urban Energy utilization. We have to take the environmental degradation matter seriously and try using renewable sources of energy rather than non-renewable. Cogeneration is one amongst the alternatives which we can make full use of in such a scenario. Improvement in the environment will not happen in a short span of time; we need to take a positive start now and try to improve the condition over the years to come.

Using bio-fuels and ethanol for cooking is something which the cavemen used to do, and we might have to follow that method to curb down the depreciation of non-renewable energy resources. Decrease in Petroleum output is one of the major concerns these days, and this can be overcome by producing ethanol from sugar cane, manioc, corn, etc. In the same way we can produce methane from animal waste and garbage. Solar Thermal energy which is always available needs to be tapped down, stored and used for various tasks which are performed by using non-renewable energy resources. We need to redesign our urban areas and restructure our lifestyle to bring the change. Renewable energy resources need to be used on a regular basis to prevent extinction of non-renewable resources.

Carpet Cleaning

And so, here we are again. Did you asked yourselves: Why are we here? Why do I want to spend my time reading this post about carpet cleaning holland park? Am I loosing my time with this? I’m sure that you have better things to do and this is the truth, but you surely still want to spend some of your time reading all these daily blog tips. In fact, since you are here, let’s begin with things that brought you here.

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Heatmat – feeling hot, hot!

It doesn’t matter what flooring you have, there is bound to be a Heat Mat underfloor heating system that will satisfy your heating predilections. You might be a DIY fanatic! Or might prefer to get a specialist in. It really doesn’t matter. It is very very easy to gain a beautiful warm floor no matter what your type of floor covering you have.

Installing a Heat Mat system is easy peasey lemon squuezy and Heatmat will assist you with every aspect of the installation process.

What is more, Heat Mat’s Lifetime Warranty will cover your heating mats, cables or underlaminate systems. Definitelyv isit the website to see how Heat Mat can save you a wealth of cash on your underfloor heating purchases.

How to Find Storm Windows For Less

Are you thinking about putting storm windows in your house but just don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it? This is a common reason as to why some people will wait as long as they possibly can to put storm windows in their house but what you need to know is that you can get storm windows for less than you think. If you want to save money on storm windows then just follow what I have outlined below so that you can get a great deal on some storm windows for your home.

Window Companies – The best place to find storm windows for less is at a window company and the reason is because a lot of times they will order too many windows, they will have old windows that were replacements for other houses, and sometimes they will miss-measure the dimensions. Whatever the reason is that they have the storm windows there doesn’t matter, what should matter to you is that they already paid for them so you will be able to get a great deal on the windows.

Hardware Stores – Did you know that you can get a great deal on storm windows from a hardware store as long as you go during the right time of the year? If you know that it always gets cold around a certain part of the year then you should make sure you don’t buy storm windows then. My advice is to wait until the cold weather is over and then buy the storm windows because then all the hardware stores are pretty much just getting rid of them.

Getting storm windows for less is not as hard as you may think, what you need to understand is that as long as you can figure out where they have them, you can get them.

Steps for cleaning and painting aluminium windows

Windows provide a view to the outside world and simultaneously illuminate the interior of your houses. They are given a special place in architecture and everyone desires for an appropriate looking window that suites their house structure. However, when it comes to selecting windows, most people opt for traditional vinyl or wooden window frames. Maybe this is because people don’t have a good idea about the kinds of windows that are available in the market today.

Aluminium windows can be a perfect replacement for your wood or vinyl windows. It is a sturdier material which cuts out any outside noise. In the course of time, these windows will lose their shiny and polished nature. But with proper care and maintenance, these windows are definitely are an asset to your home. You can remove the paint on aluminium windows and then repaint them. Or else you can also choose to anodize them, that is increase its thickness through electrolytic passivation. Cleaning and Painting them can be made easy if you have the right instruments and know the right method.

You can use a solution of dish washing soap and warm water to clean them. Use a clean cloth and wipe the dirt, wherever they are on the window. Don’t just leave it there. Dip the cloth in clean water and wipe of the soap deposit left in the frame. After that, allow it to dry for a considerable period of time.

Painting aluminium windows require much detailed attention than cleaning them. Aluminium does not have any pores on them. As a result of this paint will not bond well on aluminium surface. However the surface can be made adhesive to paint by coating it with a special type of primer. This will encourage good painting and appropriate finishing. Rinse the window appropriately before painting. Or else there will not be enough paint adhesion.

Home Loan Repayment Calculator – Decide the Extent of Renovations you can Afford

Most people do thorough research and elaborate calculations on the home loan repayment calculator when they are deciding on a home loan. Many aspects like repayment flexibility, top ups, early payment fines and more are also considered in addition to the mortgage interest rates that are charged. However, what happens when most people take an additional loan for renovations is that they do not take the trouble of going through the entire rigor again.

If you miss out on doing a thorough job when looking at renovations can cause unwanted stress during the entire process. A home loan repayment calculator should be used even when you are taking a top up loan for remodeling or renovations. You can also opt for a construction loan if you are making some structural changes in the house.

The first thing that you need to do when applying for a top up loan for renovation is to get a quote for the modifications that you require in an itemized manner. This is important so that you can look at the total amount and check out the monthly amount that you will need to set aside after using the home loan repayment calculator. If the monthly amount is too high, you may need to knock off a few items on your list and recalculate.

Using a home loan repayment calculator is a good option since these calculators are made especially for home loans that are available in Australia. The values that you get from these shall be close to the actual monthly installment that you will be required to give.

Vancouver Real Estate

Are you searching the market for Vancouver homes or condos? Would you like to know more about homes in this city before making a Vancouver real estate purchase? Let’s take a few minutes to talk about all that Vancouver housing has to offer.

When browsing homes that are located in Vancouver you will find that most are within the $2.5 million to $10 million range. These homes are very spacious and usually come packaged with a large section or gorgeous land as well.

Most homes have five to six bedrooms and include a living room, den, a gorgeous kitchen, and grand foyers. You will find nothing but beautiful materials used in these properties. Practically all homes come with granite or marble counters, stunning hardwood floors, imported chandeliers and other gorgeous accents.

You will find that many Vancouver homes are custom built properties. These come in a large variety of styles including country style, Spanish Colonial, German Colonial, New England Colonial, French Colonial, Victorian, Classic, Gilded Age and even Frank Lloyd Wright house styles. No matter what your preference is you will find a home that fits your wants and desires.

Homes and condos found in Vancouver are stunning pieces of real estate that are just perfect for literally anyone. As previously mentioned, most homes are custom built and you will find touches of Vancouver windows and doors throughout them. Not to mention the flooring and ceilings have a touch of Vancouver style as well.

There are several areas within Vancouver that boast the best homes of Canada. Richmond, Terra Nova and Steveston are the three most popular of these. Steveston and Richmond have mostly classical and country style homes whereas Terra Nova boasts a bigger variety.

You will find almost all home styles in all three of these areas but there certainly are more classical and country style homes to be found in most areas around Vancouver. Vancouver is a truly beautiful and bustling metropolitan sector of Canada.

If you didn’t already know, Vancouver is actually the third largest Metropolitan in the world. The city is vibrant and alive at all hours of the day and provides residents with plenty of great things to do. The population of the city is very diverse with over %50 of the people having a language other than English as their primary language.

Immigration has become more present over the past 30 years. Slightly over %30 of residents are of Chinese descent of some sort. Many of the largest business and real estate magazines have named Vancouver as one of the most “livable cities” in the world. So if you’re looking for a great place to live, Vancouver has it all!

In conclusion, if you are thinking about purchasing Vancouver real estate you are in luck because the city literally has a home or condo for anyone and everyone. With a thriving economy, awesome attractions, great people and stunning homes, you’d be crazy to not want to buy a home here in Vancouver, Canada.

No matter what home style you prefer or what you like to do in your free time, Vancouver has something for you. Be sure to check out the Vancouver real estate listings and you’ll definitely find a property that is of your liking.

How to Choose the Best Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is always a good choice for housing exterior. It is long lasting, easy to maintain, and inexpensive. If you have decided to buy vinyl siding for your home then you will have a lot of brands and options to choose from, and you may be wondering how to get the best quality for your money. As with all things, you largely get what you pay for. The good news is that even the more expensive kinds of vinyl siding are more affordable than most other siding options. There are three main aspects you should consider in choosing your brand: durability, color fastness, and insulation.

The most common complaint about vinyl siding is that when it gets very cold it can become brittle and be easy damaged by flying balls or debris from a storm. Generally speaking, thicker siding is going to be more rigid and more resistant to those kinds of impacts. The highest grade vinyl is going to be around .52 mils in thickness. Minimal thickness is .40 mils. Some companies specifically add chemicals designed to increase the siding’s durability; look for information on in when researching a brand.

Color fastness is also important because you should not ever have to paint your vinyl siding, but some people eventually do so anyway because their siding has become so faded. Look for siding that comes with a UV coating to help prevent fading. You should also be aware when you pick out your color that the more intense or brilliant the color you pick, the more susceptible is to fading. Neutral and earth tones will stand up better over the course of decades than jewel tones; they may easier on the eye and easier to resell, too.

Finally, consider investing in insulated vinyl siding, which can be up to five times better insulated than the lowest grades are. It will cost more, but it will get you lower heating and cooling bills too. The insulated varieties are often the strongest and most rigid as well, which makes them not only impact resistant, but also means that they look and feel more like wood.