How to Choose the Best Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is always a good choice for housing exterior. It is long lasting, easy to maintain, and inexpensive. If you have decided to buy vinyl siding for your home then you will have a lot of brands and options to choose from, and you may be wondering how to get the best quality for your money. As with all things, you largely get what you pay for. The good news is that even the more expensive kinds of vinyl siding are more affordable than most other siding options. There are three main aspects you should consider in choosing your brand: durability, color fastness, and insulation.

The most common complaint about vinyl siding is that when it gets very cold it can become brittle and be easy damaged by flying balls or debris from a storm. Generally speaking, thicker siding is going to be more rigid and more resistant to those kinds of impacts. The highest grade vinyl is going to be around .52 mils in thickness. Minimal thickness is .40 mils. Some companies specifically add chemicals designed to increase the siding’s durability; look for information on in when researching a brand.

Color fastness is also important because you should not ever have to paint your vinyl siding, but some people eventually do so anyway because their siding has become so faded. Look for siding that comes with a UV coating to help prevent fading. You should also be aware when you pick out your color that the more intense or brilliant the color you pick, the more susceptible is to fading. Neutral and earth tones will stand up better over the course of decades than jewel tones; they may easier on the eye and easier to resell, too.

Finally, consider investing in insulated vinyl siding, which can be up to five times better insulated than the lowest grades are. It will cost more, but it will get you lower heating and cooling bills too. The insulated varieties are often the strongest and most rigid as well, which makes them not only impact resistant, but also means that they look and feel more like wood.

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