Steps for cleaning and painting aluminium windows

Windows provide a view to the outside world and simultaneously illuminate the interior of your houses. They are given a special place in architecture and everyone desires for an appropriate looking window that suites their house structure. However, when it comes to selecting windows, most people opt for traditional vinyl or wooden window frames. Maybe this is because people don’t have a good idea about the kinds of windows that are available in the market today.

Aluminium windows can be a perfect replacement for your wood or vinyl windows. It is a sturdier material which cuts out any outside noise. In the course of time, these windows will lose their shiny and polished nature. But with proper care and maintenance, these windows are definitely are an asset to your home. You can remove the paint on aluminium windows and then repaint them. Or else you can also choose to anodize them, that is increase its thickness through electrolytic passivation. Cleaning and Painting them can be made easy if you have the right instruments and know the right method.

You can use a solution of dish washing soap and warm water to clean them. Use a clean cloth and wipe the dirt, wherever they are on the window. Don’t just leave it there. Dip the cloth in clean water and wipe of the soap deposit left in the frame. After that, allow it to dry for a considerable period of time.

Painting aluminium windows require much detailed attention than cleaning them. Aluminium does not have any pores on them. As a result of this paint will not bond well on aluminium surface. However the surface can be made adhesive to paint by coating it with a special type of primer. This will encourage good painting and appropriate finishing. Rinse the window appropriately before painting. Or else there will not be enough paint adhesion.

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