Using Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future

Being a part of the twenty-first century, we face a situation now where we need to look back to the lifestyle which the ancient people used to use. The modern lifestyle uses more of non-renewable energy resources to lead a luxurious and happy life. But we are witnessing shortcomings in the front of non renewable energy and thus need to use renewable sources for Urban Energy utilization. We have to take the environmental degradation matter seriously and try using renewable sources of energy rather than non-renewable. Cogeneration is one amongst the alternatives which we can make full use of in such a scenario. Improvement in the environment will not happen in a short span of time; we need to take a positive start now and try to improve the condition over the years to come.

Using bio-fuels and ethanol for cooking is something which the cavemen used to do, and we might have to follow that method to curb down the depreciation of non-renewable energy resources. Decrease in Petroleum output is one of the major concerns these days, and this can be overcome by producing ethanol from sugar cane, manioc, corn, etc. In the same way we can produce methane from animal waste and garbage. Solar Thermal energy which is always available needs to be tapped down, stored and used for various tasks which are performed by using non-renewable energy resources. We need to redesign our urban areas and restructure our lifestyle to bring the change. Renewable energy resources need to be used on a regular basis to prevent extinction of non-renewable resources.

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